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Rules for all visitors.
Management reserves the right to limit or refuse access to the Park.

The act of entering the park, either individually or in groups, for consideration or not, necessarily involves the unconditional acceptance of the regulations and business conditions. Access to the park with tickets purchased from other retailers than those approved by the Park is not allowed.

Visitors are required to keep on him for the duration of the visit, the access ticket or the strain of his access ticket to be able to prove at any time of entry to the park officials who request it . Failing the presentation of the ticket, the visitor will be led to the exit.

Park staff are empowered to enforce business rules and in case of serious putting the safety of a person or persons in danger, to proceed with the immediate expulsion of the offender.

For the duration of their visit, the children, they come in family or group, remain under the care and custody of their parents or carers and are subject to continuous monitoring of these same people. Access to the park is not permitted for children under 12 if they are not accompanied by an adult.

Inside the park, visitors are near:
1) Circulate only in the aisles of the Park
2) Follow the fence, do not enter in the aisles or areas protected by a fence, a chain, a door or other protection, particularly those bearing the words "RESERVED STAFF."
3) Respect the trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns
4) Keep children under continuous surveillance.
5) Do not bring weapons or dummy same harmless and dangerous products.
6) Do not enter the premises of service or the same service roads if they are temporarily open.
7) Keep a dress at all times (wearing shoes and the shirt is mandatory) and refrain from walking barefoot.
8) Remove the papers, trash, or cigarettes in the baskets and ashtrays provided for this purpose.
9) Respect decor.
10) Observe the order flow in the queues.

Visitors are required to comply with safety instructions, advice verbally provided by Park staff and the stop limits rides.

When an attraction is closed to the public, it is forbidden to enter its perimeter.

Pets are not allowed inside the park.

Generally, the visitor should take a correct attitude and courteous to behavior towards others under pain of being expelled from the park. In case of trouble from a group, the Park reserves the right to expel the group, leaders and members.

For your safety the site is under video surveillance.

Sometimes we carry photos and videos to promote our park.
If you do not want included, thank you for letting us know by mail before 30 September 2015.

Parking is free but not monitored.
Do not leave pets or valuables in vehicles.
The management accepts no responsibility in case of theft or damage.

Once your purchased ticket can not be returned or exchanged or refunded for any reason whatsoever.